FDJ Solutions deploys a unique blend of services in government affairs, strategic communications, policy, bilingual services, ad placement, social enterprise, advocacy, and other fields.

FDJ Solutions offers comprehensive communications services including media relations, press strategies, drafting and placement of press releases & op-eds, crafting and placing advertisements, translations (English & Spanish), targeted media outreach efforts, and more.
Connect with the right policymaker at a federal agency, convince a Member of Congress to champion your legislative agenda item, or help navigate the ins and outs of the government of Puerto Rico – and have access to other state and local officials in the US, and Latin America.
We can amplify your voice by helping you build partnerships with businesses, trade associations, non-profits, labor unions, and other advocacy groups from across the political and ideological spectrum. We also provide advocacy training so your organization can use the most effective tools to influence your target audience.
At FDJ Solutions, we know how to maximize your performance with the political, communications, and advocacy strategies that suit your needs. If you are a social enterprise that needs advice on how to set up the best crowdfunding campaign, we have experience with the top online tools and strategies to take it to the next level.

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