NTN24: The Pope painted a different picture of immigrants’ history”

Federico de Jesús, political analyst and former campaign advisor for Barack Obama in 2008, affirmed in “La Tarde de NTN24” that “the Pope spoke about immigrants in a very personal way that I hope touches the souls of some politicians.”

“The Republican party has not heeded the calls from other churches, regarding the moral aspect of the issue, and neither have paid attention to the political component of attracting the Hispanic vote,” de Jesús affirmed.

The political analyst highlighted that with this speech, the Pontiff called on Americans to consider their roots because at some point all of them were immigrants.

De Jesús also mentioned that the Pope was applauded by members of both parties due to his Cristian principles and affirmed that it would be very positive if every person would follow the spirit of his message of caring for the most vulnerable.

El Papa pintó un cuadro distinto de la historia del inmigrante”: Analista político a NTN24 sobre histórico discurso en congreso de EE.UU.